Wednesday, November 13, 2013


On Veternas Day, we also went to the LeMay Car Museum in Tacoma, Washington. It was awesome seeing all those cars beautifully displayed. Highlights included THE FLINSTONES car from the movie (not a replica, but THE actual car), and a 1983 Delorean (I don't think that this was the one from the movie. The sign said that it was made popular by the movie Back to the Future).

Official Flinstones car used in the movies.

1983 Delorean. This exact car was not in the movie, but it's still awesome to see.

I was quite surprised to find a car from 1899. I really didn't know that they had cars that early.

This car was from 1899 and ran on steam.

Mia was just fine in this museum. She had LOT of room in the aisles to run and wiggle and do just about anything. She did get a little squirrelly at on point, so I busted out the handy dandy stomp your feet as you walk, and kick your legs as you walked. It worked perfectly. I think that the best part for the older kids was the virtual driving area, so make sure that you plan in advance for that. You will need an extra ticket.

What kinds of car activities have you tried with your kids? What did you do? Did it work well?

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