Friday, December 27, 2013

Wednesday is Library Day!

It's no surprise to those that know me that I love to read. And happily, I have transfered much of that love to my daughter, Mia. As this is the case, we are usually at the library for one or both of us at least once a week, particularly on Wednesdays.

In our area, the libraries has baby story time, Toddler time, and Pre-school time, where the teachers uses songs, actions, and books to teach concepts. It's a lot of fun and the kids get to wiggle while the parents/guardians participate or talk amongst themselves. Sadly, story time stopped between Thankgiving and Christmas, but it will be starting up again next week. And since I knew in advance that the library would be closed here and there around the holidays, I decided to check out a lot of books in advance, so that we would'nt be scrambling for things to read.

Since it was Christmas time, we got books about Hanakkah, Santa, Jesus, and other holiday topics. My favorite books turned out to be the ones where a song was put to pictures in book form. Like "Away In A Manger". I ended up singing through the book slowly, and Mia couldn't get enough. She even started singing with me. :)

What are your favorite library or book memories? Do you and your family have any favorite holiday books?