Saturday, November 16, 2013

This game is fun for kids THROUGH adults!

Many years ago, I went to a birthday party and played an interesting game that involved paper clips and baby food jars. While I was at the dollar store yesterday, I came up with an idea that works better for younger children (Scroll to the bottom to find different instructions for older kids/adults). Here's what you need:

Glass rocks (I got mine from the dollar store. You can also get them at Walmart, craft stores, or other places that sell fake flowers).
A bucket, Tupperware, jar, etc. (I would recommend 1 per kid)

WARNING: Do NOT attempt this activity if you have a migraine, headache, are irritable, or have kids that put things into their mouths.

Dollar store rocks and an old Tupperware.

So the point of this activity can actually change depending on the age group you're dealing with. For Mia, and other kids under three, we just dropped the glass rocks into the Tupperware after raising them above our heads.

Mia quickly decided that she wanted to change all of the rules. She had a lot more fun running her fingers through the rocks and making noise. Some of the rocks still made it into the Tupperware though.

All in all, this activity produced one happy kid. :)

Older Kids (at least ages 3+): The point of the game is to drop objects (rocks, paperclips, etc) into jar of varying width openings, and from varying heights off the ground. And for this activity you will need more than just the object listed above.

Items Needed:
Glass Rocks, Paperclips, etc. (To make it fair, choose just one item that will be the same for everyone).
Tupperware, empty baby food jars, large glass jars, buckets, paper bags, etc. (for each round, everyone uses the same "container"
A chair, step stool, etc.
A piece of paper to keep score

The point of the game is to get the item (paperclip, glass rock, etc) into the smallest hole from the highest height.To start the game, everyone needs to stand in a line until it is their turn. The first person sits on the floor, holds the object (rock, paper clip, etc) at chin level, and then drops it into the "container". If it lands in the container, then they get to move to the next round. Each person does the same thing on their turn. You are allowed to lean forward a little (no major bending at the waist - you will need to decide how far is ok for your age group). The rest of the game is supposed to get a little harder each round. So if you start with a large bucket, I would suggest a large Tupperware next. Then perhaps a paper bag and a smaller bucket, and finally on down to the baby food jar.  Another variation would be to increase the height that you are dropping from, which is why you would need a step stool, or a chair. 

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  1. Great idea for preschool age. I'll have to try this soon.