Friday, November 8, 2013

What do I do with my kid when it rains?

I am the mother of a toddler, and an aunt to 2 nieces that live really close by. I grew up in Northern California, but have also spent significant time living in Utah, and now live in the greater Seattle area of Washington state. Like many of you, I've lived somewhere that rains (or snows) a lot. As an adult, I can keep myself entertained just fine on days when going outside isn't really an option. But now I have a toddler, and I'm drawing a blank. Perhaps many of you are too. And if you are anything like me, you DON'T want to park your kids in front of the television or computer for 8 hours every day, just because it won't stop raining. So that brings me to the purpose of this blog.


I don't think that I know the answer to that question yet, but I'm hoping to find out. I hope that many of you will join me in this adventure, and together we can enjoy more quality time with our kids, especially when we are all feeling squirelly during a rain storm.

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