Monday, November 9, 2015

Pom Pom Balls And Painter's Tape

With all of the different craft projects that I do, and all of the gross motor skill activities we try to fit in, I find that I always have painter's tape on hand in at least one color.  Why painters tape you ask? There are a number of reasons actually. The first being that it doesn't destroy your walls when you peel it off. I have not lost any paint, or left any residue after peeling off painter's tape, no matter how long it is actually there.  The second reason is that I can also use it on carpet, tile, laminate, and wood flooring without leaving residue, stickiness, or markings. So basically, in our house, painter's tape is gold. With all than in mind, here is an activity that uses painter's tape and is sure to keep your kids entertained when it is too wet or cold to play outside.

The credit for this idea comes entirely from a website called Frugal Fun 4 Boys,

The object of the game is to keep the puffy ball (pom pom) inside of the track that you made using the painter's tape. You can also use other items like marbles, ping pong balls, etc, but they might role too much for beginners. The puffy balls are very light weight, and won't role on their own, making them the best item to start with. To move the puffy balls, you can either blow like normal, or for more silliness and exactness, use a straw. Even crazy straws might work, or toilet paper/paper towel tubes. Basically you can use anything in the house that is hollow.

I can't wait to try this tomorrow with my daughter. Enjoy!

For more pictures and variations, please visit Frugal Fun 4 Boys.

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