Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Helping: Clean up, Clean up, Everybody, Everywhere!

I've noticed lately that Mia has been copying a lot of what she sees people doing. If you dance, she dances. If you read, she reads. If you clean, she cleans. So for Christmas, I thought she would enjoy a little play cleaning set (I found hers at ToysRUs). Here is what we did:

Items needed
If you don't have a toy cleaning set, get out some extra wash cloths, scrub brushes, or Clorox wipes (depending on the age of your kid).
Vinegar (or some other all natural cleaning products that is safe for kids)
Music (if you want)

 I had Mia help clean the side of the fridge, since that's where we do a lot of things with magnets.
Mia also helped clean off the chairs, since she had gotten finger prints all of them. Even after I stopped cleaning them, she kept going. It was very cute.

For at least light cleaning, I think it works very well. Especially for all those little tiny cleaning projects that you've been meaning to do for months and months. Just remember to make it fun, and not worry so much about correcting their cleaning. They can learn to clean better as they get older.

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